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Pipe Thawing

Keeping a faucet or two dripping in your home or business is a great way to help prevent your water lines from freezing when the temperature drops below 30 degrees. It is best to drip whichever fixture is furthest away from where your water line enters your home. If you have sinks or fixtures that are located on exterior walls it is best to leave these slowly dripping as well. If you forget to drip your faucets and find yourself with no water or busted pipes, we are the team for the job.

Rely on us to thaw your property’s pipes by using electric pipe thawing equipment, turbo heaters, or torches. We also have heat tape with thermostats that can be installed to help prevent water lines that are exposed to the elements from freezing.

If your water line or well jet pump is frozen during the winter, we have the equipment to thaw it. Contact us right away for prompt services.